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“At long last we have this book, an extraordinary work of imagination, that brings the losses of everyday life and death into a field of perception that opens the underlying tenets of oft hidden languages of love. It’s a manifestation of a poetry we need—uncovering the layers of invisible perception which can distort; yet in the hands of a master ultimately reveal an awesome beauty of a redemptive freeing of what it means to be alive, and finally home: “the outline of a letter that becomes home. / An illegible page between skin and sky.” Thoreau Lovell’s Wilson Wiley Variations creates a naming that itself becomes light.”

John High, Author of Vanishing Acts (Talisman House)

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Wet Cement Press, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-7324369-1-6
96 pages, 4.25″x 7″, Perfect Bound
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 Author Note:

These are poems that I began many years ago then set aside as I changed my focus to writing fiction (and raising children and being a husband and . . .) About a year ago my interest in reading poetry suddenly returned and when it did I surprised myself by pulling these poems out of the drawer and working on them again. It was a strange, perplexing and ultimately powerful experience. Now the poems somehow feel new again. I guess it’s true, “The past is never dead,” as Faulkner famously said. And for some of us writing is never finished, or abandoned, it’s in a perpetual state of becoming.