Wilson Wiley Variations 

Poems from Wet Cement Press, 2019.

wilson wiley front cover 15%These are poems that I began many years ago then set aside as I changed my focus to writing fiction (and raising children and being a husband and . . .) About a year ago my interest in reading poetry suddenly returned and when it did I surprised myself by pulling these poems out of the drawer and working on them again. It was a strange, perplexing and ultimately powerful experience. Now the poems somehow feel new again. I guess it’s true, “The past is never dead,” as Faulkner famously said. And for some of us writing is never finished, or abandoned, it’s in a perpetual state of becoming.

Public Servant

Prose Poems from Toehold Books, 2007. Currently out of print.

Amnesia’s Diary

Poems from Ex Nihilo Press, 1999. Currently out of print.


Both Public Servant and Amnesia’s Diary can be ordered directly from me. Email thoreaulovell@gmail.com for details.